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Every government has been suffering from trouble with swoop gangs since the invention of the swoop. The usual reaction to this would be to send scout troops, but it was soon discovered that the swoop bikes could easily outrun the military speeder bikes. Irritated by the attitude of these gangs and the destruction they caused a call went out for a military vehicle that could take these gangs on, and thus the 64-Y Swift 3 repulsorlift sled was developed. It is light, fast and capable of outrunning any commercially available swoop bike.

However, just being fast would not stop the gangs. The bikers needed to be captured as well. For this purpose the 64-Y is equipped with medium blasters designed to shoot down the swoops, leaving their rider to plummet to the ground, where he can be captured.

Unlike the swoop bikes that are mostly controlled with the knees, the repulsorlift sled uses two manual control sticks with built in targeting controls, while the secondary control functions can be performed by the feet. This way the pilot can both operate the sled at high speed and fire at targets.

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