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A popular cybernetic enhancement offered by many of the galaxy’s top medical innovators, the cyborg ranged combat unit integrates sophisticated tracking and targeting technology with the mind of its host to create an improved gunner.¬†Mercenaries and government sharpshooters alike praise the significant advantages offered by the expensive and risky installation procedure. Precision sensors measure range, the direction and speed of both target and gunner, atmospheric current and gravitational magnitude, comparing the collected data with appropriate projectile properties and target anatomy to correct a gunner’s natural aim for more reliable and effective marksmanship. Trials have clearly demonstrated that virtually any race, when enhanced with the ranged combat unit, not only score hits on their targets with more consistency, but they also improve the damage yield of each shot. Of course, these advantages come at some cost. The neural interface has a detrimental effect on the chemistry of organic brains, the result being that a host becomes somewhat dependent upon the cyborg databanks and loses the ability to think creatively about weapons and similar technologies.¬†While many of the implant modules are similar in design and construction, such as the Q-22 tracker and cortical datasplint, the appearance of the assembled cybernetic unit can vary depending upon the patient and the manufacturer. Typically, ranged combat units tend to have a lower external profile to prevent clients from having to make extensive modifications to their armour.

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