Amongst some of the older blaster tech in the galaxy, the BT 500 is an aging but well-respected piece of hardware. Produced by MandalTech in response to Mandalore’s need for domestic weapons production, the BT 500 was considered one of the best blasters in its class. While newer and more advanced weapons have overshadowed the BT 500, the rifle is still extremely effective in the hands of a skilled operator.

The BT 500’s most defining characteristic is its noteworthy rate of fire. The issue of overheating due to the rifle’s volume of fire was overcome by utilizing lower-powered bolts. While this decreased the utility of the weapon against heavily armored targets, the ease of tracking and fire correction against soft targets became one of its most appealing characteristics. The rifle’s trade of power for volume makes it effective in close to medium range scenarios, such as urban environments, although the length of the rifle results in the weapon being awkward to operate in tight conditions

Upon reaching the market, the BT 500 was an instant success. While its popularity has declined in recent centuries, it is still common in the hands of mercenary groups and renegades throughout the galaxy.

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