The gaderffii, colloquially referred to as the “gaffi stick”, is a very durable bladed club made of metal. The traditional close-combat weapon of the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine, they are usually crafted of whatever salvage the sand people can find. Similar in many ways to a double-headed flanged mace, one end of the “stick” is commonly a quad-bladed mace head with a spear point. The other side traditionally bends in an L-shape at the end into a heaver spike or claw.

The dual weapon heads make the gaderffii a very versatile weapon. It can be wielded as a club, using the flanged mace-head, or it can be wielded as a short quarterstaff. Furthermore, the axe-like flanges on the one end combined with the L-shaped spike on the other allow it to be wielded like a short halberd, as well.

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