The luxury sail barge, renown for its high retail price, is a proprietary design owned by Ubrikkian Industries. The standard buyers of this luxurious barge are rich individuals, such as crime lords or wealthy government officials, who want to flaunt their wealth and status by putting this luxury barge on display. Despite the extensive customization options offered by Ubrikkian, these barges are famous for their extravagant comfort and easily recognizable by their overwhelmingly large sails.

While the barge is usually propelled by its three-chambered repulsorlift engine, it could also be propelled by its massive sails for a more nostalgic feel and leisurely pace. While the luxury sale barge is capable of reaching a hundred kilometers per hour, most pilots prefer to keep it below the maximum speed for maximum maneuverability concerns. The repulsorlift engine allows for a maximum operating altitude of ten meters above the ground and, combined with its large side, restricts the barge to flat, expansive surfaces.

One of the more common customizations made to the luxury sail base is the decoration of its interior, catering to the typically flamboyant tastes of its owners and are used to provide entertainment to the guests privileged to board it. The barge has multiple levels that contain a variety of different rooms such as dining areas, gambling halls, and bedrooms. It also features numerous storage compartments for food, slaves, and droids. With a capacity of several hundred passengers, the luxury sail barge has plenty of space to accommodate each guest with luxury and a positive atmosphere. Designed specifically for extravagance and comfort, this barge is considered to be top of the line for those wishing to flaunt their wealth while relaxing in comfort.

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