A disaster can arise at any time, be it sentient or naturally caused, and with no way to know what will confront you around the next corner, many overcome life-threatening situations with the aid of a fully-stocked survival pack. Lighter than a small backpack, the survival pack is designed to be compact and durable with enough capacity for storing a variety of essential items without impeding maneuverability.

A hybrid of a backpack and a rucksack, the survival pack is intended to be worn for extended periods with maximum comfort. Its padded external frame is supported by a harness system featuring adjustable, contoured shoulder straps that allow the pack the be fitted to most sentients. The pack’s hip belt eliminates all unwanted movement and draws it closer to the back.

The survival pack’s uses in a diverse range of applications have been promoted by its customizable functionality. While most often utilized as an emergency survival kit, the pack is also common among hikers and field-medics. Limited only by the items stocked within, many sentients find the survival pack to be the ultimate accessory to adversity.

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