A cape is a loose, sleeveless outer garment worn over other clothing, either to protect the clothing and the individual it covers from the weather, or as a fashion statement.

Capes and cloaks serve similar purposes, though they differ by design and the material used for their creation. Capes are woven from light-weight fabrics, which can vary from simple cotton and synthetic materials to the more expensive fabrics like silk or armorweave. While cloaks are woven from heavier fabrics, like wool and velvet, for the purpose of protecting the wearer from harsh weather.

A common sight throughout the galaxy, capes are available for purchase on most civilized planets in a variety of colors and forms. The most common design covers the back of the wearer, with the fabric draped over their shoulders and fastened around the neck, effectively enshrouding the wearer. Various stylistic and functional aspects are sometimes added, such as fur-trim or hoods, depending on the tastes of the wearer or designer.

Despite their common availability, these garments still hold a special place in the cultures of various species, especially on many remote worlds. Often religions and political societies use capes to denote high-ranking status and distinguish wearers from the masses.

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