The Vacuum Survival Suit, when combined with both helmet and backpack, provides the wearer with complete protection while operating in an airless environment. It is often worn by asteroid miners, as well as starship mechanics and engineers working on the frame of a ship in space.

The material, though somewhat rigid, still affords the wearer enough movement to perform delicate tasks. Beneath the outer layer is a thermal insulator that guards against the deep cold of space. The suit’s controls and indicators are mounted on the chest for ease of access. A readout device that displays the remaining amount of breathable air, and that will also give a warning when the air supply has reached critical levels, is located on the wrist.

These small wrist devices have been known to malfunction from time to time, displaying more air reserve than what actually remained. Although the manufacturer insists the errors are the result of the user mis-programming the device, those who use the suit on a day-to-day basis often wear a backup to avoid a painful death by asphyxiation.

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