The TTT-54 is the product of a troubled history. Merr-Sonn Technologies set out to develop a versatile grenade launcher for infantry support and by rights, they were technically successful. The prototype “Tees” propelled ordinary hand grenades of almost any variety, C-10/22 and Class-A being the most common. The weapon featured an innovative adjustable bore system that could be set to fit specific grenade types. The feeding system was reliable, but different grenades could not be mixed together in the same magazine. The weapon could only launch one type at a time and had to be manually reset to change ammo. Adjusting the bore took time, and the weapon was so heavy that it had to be mounted on a miniature repulsor engine.

Ultimately, it proved too difficult to manage and the Tees was a commercial failure until the Rebel Alliance contracted the SoroSuub Corporation to overhaul the design into a simpler and more compact portable heavy weapon. The new TTT-54 discarded the ammo hopper and repulsor mount, adopted a carbine configuration, and standardized its munitions. While rate of fire and versatility were noticeably reduced, the new “Thumper” met the criterion that its predecessor had missed. The rectified model has since gone into mass production by a number of gunsmiths.

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