Using repulsorlift technology similar to that found in speeders, the anti-grav sled hovers above the ground and eliminates surface friction. Without contending with this counteractive force, a single individual can pull the sled under a maximum load. Consisting of a loading platform and control bar, the sled’s basic function is to transport cargo between two points with emphasis on cargo capacity, not speed. The history of its design is unclear, with several companies laying claim to the patents of the first working versions of repulsor-equipped loader transports. After Galindas Exports emerged as the sole company to claim rights on production of anti-grav sled, the company was sold to the Falleen Federation and patent rights were then transferred to a nationalized group. Easy to maintain and repair, the anti-grav sled has built its reputation as the perfect tool for small-scale cargo movement. It has been adopted by every niche of society, helping with cargo transport, be it bantha poodoo or a casket of the finest Corellian whiskey.

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