Common throughout the galaxy wherever ceremony or ceremonial presence is needed with a touch of flare, Ceremonial Armour is a well known element employed by many military and non military entities alike to create a sense of cultural or social presence. While the garb does give one the appearance of importance it provides little protection in actual combat situations. It is because of this that Ceremonial Armour is usually reserved for what it is named after, ceremony.

Ceremonial Armour is usually made of lightweight textiles and possibly light armour padding. Because this armour must give the wearer the appearance of importance as well as provide a flexible frame to provide comfort during social occasions, it is usually encased in a thin shell that can be made of many different materials, usually metallic in origin in order to provide a sheen when polished. It is not uncommon in cultures around the galaxy to have people of importance wear this type of armour during social, political, or ceremonial purely for the status it usually conveys to others.

There are times when this armour is used in combat, while ill advised due to how little armour it actually provides its wearer, it can and usually is used by people or officers of importance on the battlefield. Such armour is noticeable and during the confusion of combat can provide troops a quick rally point for orders or other military affairs. The downside of wearing ceremonial armour is that the high visibility and limited protection of the armour can make the wearer more of a target than a rally point.

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