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The quest to perfect the ability to strike a target while maintaining total surprise is an evolutionary challenge for various nonsentient species throughout the galaxy. In nature, camouflage is largely a matter of blending with the environment. However, for sentients, the art of camouflage is driven by the same technological advances which may defeat it. With the advanced targeting algorithms used by computer or droid driven weapons systems, modern warriors require more than a few pieces of indigenous vegetation in order to suppress radiant emissions of auditory, olfactory, and thermal indicators.

The Camouflage Scout Armour utilizes a network of nano-processors which adjust the graphic matrix on the suit’s external surfaces to mimic the patterns of light and colour dispersion in the surrounding terrain. Working in correlation with these processors, pattern emitters which decrease the strength of smells left behind, diminish the amount of noise made by crossing uneven terrain, and mask the distinctive heat signatures released by sentients as those of indigenous creatures.

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