The nondescript plastic cargo trunk is among the most common storage containers in the galaxy. Their rigid construction and lightweight design makes them extremely durable. Most models have a rudimentary locking system and barely enough space to store a Jawa or two. They aren’t as big as a cargo container, nor as convenient as a locker nor as secure as a safe. For these reasons, trunks usually serve a less defined role on most ships. Typically personal items of lesser value are stored in them such as laundry and small items.

Hardened spacers often treat their personal trunk as a touchstone during long voyages. Inside the lids of many, one can find the name and contact info of the owner rudely carved into the plastic.

Many amateur smugglers think the innocent looking trunk makes an ideal hiding spot. To this end, less than reputable manufacturers claim to offer “inspection-proof” containers. These often include false bottoms and “scanner resistant” liners. Unfortunately, this tactic is wearing a little thin among experienced customs officials, who have become pretty adept at spotting fakes.

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