Small backpacks are a common sight across the galaxy, with variants found among nearly all species and cultures. In use since time immemorial, the most common designs are centred around a pouch or bag with straps attached, allowing them to be carried on their users’ backs and secured by the shoulders.

Since small backpacks have a limited carrying capacity and do not have a rigid frame, they only allow individuals to store items for a few days’ worth of activities. Due to their diminutive size and low cost, small backpacks are often identified with students; on a daily basis, pupils around the galaxy are seen moving their educational materials between their homes and educational institutions within small backpacks. Other common users include athletes, photographers, couriers, tourists, workers, engineers, and scientists, among countless others vocations and hobbies.

The wide range of manufacturers and retailers have created a diverse spectrum of designs for the product, allowing extensive customisation for aesthetic and practical applications. Common variants include backpacks with front pockets and inside compartments to allow the separation of items, ones specifically designed to carry datapads, waterproof backpacks, and sports packs.

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