The technological device known as a holoprojector is designed to transmit messages over great or small distances. The messages are projected by the device in the format of a three dimensional image. The message either may be stored on the holoprojectors memory or played live from a comlink. The original purpose of the holoprojectors was for entertainment and educational purposes. However, the holoprojector is now used for all types of mass media including, disseminating news, sports, and propaganda. From the cities of Tatooine on Boonta’s Eve, to the chambers of the Galactic Senate, holoprojectors have left their mark on civilian life.

For the more militaristic type, holoprojectors serve a much more ominous role, though it is little known that holoprojectors are wide spread on the battlefield. It is said that although one may have many commanders in the field, they are all receiving orders from one general, and this is made possible by the holoprojector. Holoprojectors allow a single general to command an entire battle from the safety of an orbiting starship because the holoprojector allow him to see in depth 3-D maps of the entire battlefield, including all troop movements. Couple this to the ability of ground commanders to carry small holoprojectors, and you have a highly informed tactical group. The commander has the ability to pinpoint exactly where he wants his ground troops on a map, and then send that map to ground commanders to make it happen.

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