The SWLTR Helmet has been designed to work in conjunction with its counterpart, the SWLTR Suit. When worn together with the SWLTR suit, the helmet completes the seal for the environmental control system to be engaged. Whilst the SWLTR suit enables the wearer’s body temperature to be regulated in sub-zero conditions, the SWLTR helmet has other operations to perform other than merely keeping their face covered from the extremes.

The visor for the SWLTR helmet is designed with a full faced wide angle view, allowing the wearer greater peripheral vision while out on maneuvers. With this unrestricted vision, the wearer has a greater awareness of their surroundings, and thus, a reduced the risk of potential ambush from their foes. The visor also includes thermal imagery technology, allowing the wearer to see alterations in temperature up to 20 meters away. This technology is very useful in arctic conditions, where temperature readings from nearby troops or creatures can be seen even through heavy blizzards or during night maneuvers. The thermal imagery system is not however foolproof and should not always be relied upon as thermal readings can be masked by alternative means, such as Camouflage Scout Armour.

The SWLTR Helmet also boasts an impressive communications system moulded into the helmet’s internal casing. The system is able to pick up and transmit information in a wide radius, over a dual layer encryption network, making it near impossible for transmissions to be picked up and decoded. The advantages of this high level encryption system is that the user does not need to be concerned with alerting the enemy of their presence while out on a reconnaissance’ mission.

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