The SWLTR suit is, in essence, an environmental suit designed for use when in a snowy glacial terrain and will provide complete protection from the elements when worn in conjunction with the SWLTR Helmet. A combination of the two items allows the wearer to regulate their body temperature via a control panel located on the upper right shoulder. The wearer is able to then control heated pads that are installed inside the soft inner suit lining to reduce the risk of frost bite or even death in extreme temperatures.

The suit does have extra benefits other than merely giving the wearer the option to sit for long periods of time in a sub-zero temperature snowfield, while still keeping their body pleasantly warm. Thanks to the dual layer design of the suit, the SWLTR also boasts a tough outer hull over the vulnerable soft inner environmental suit, giving the wearer some useful armour protection. With the combination of being able to keep the wearer warm and protected, the SWLTR suit has found itself well suited for use during arctic warfare, or hunting arctic creatures like the D`oemir bear.

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