Tracking devices exist throughout the galaxy in a variety of models, but their function is always the same. Homing beacons, pulse beacons, tracers, and trackers are designed to surreptitiously relay their current position and direction, even through hyperspace. Advanced technologies have allowed these devices to be largely miniaturized, making them very difficult to detect and easily attached to ships or vehicles. They work by transmitting real-time location data within range of a HoloNet relay. This information is passed through the network to the receiver (normally a datapad or computer), allowing them to determine their target’s destination even in hyperspace.

They are commonly used by government spy networks, but are also employed by bounty hunters and mercenaries throughout the galaxy to track their targets. In the civilian sector, large corporations and logistics firms often use tracking devices to monitor the progress of their fleets and crates of goods as they are transported. During emergency operations, like search and rescue, responding personnel can be greatly aided by a tracking device if one has been installed on the distressed entity. Law enforcement agencies are also known to employ the tracking device for use during investigative work.

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